Warranty and Exchange Policy

Warranty and return policy

It is forbidden to return the computer for any reason, and defective products are replaced by the Agent based on the instructions of the Ministry of Commerce. All parts of the warranty are subject to the policy (consumption value).

The guarantor is the Agent, not TMD. The warranty period for most electronic products is 2 years for hardware defects.

If the serial number has been removed from the item’s packaging, we will not be able to cover repair costs.

Please ensure that the serial number has not been tampered with or removed.

We cannot serve the customer if the original packaging of the product are not available and the warranty is only due to manufacturing fault and does not cover other defects such as breakage or damage due to misuse.

In the event that the product package is lost, the warranty is voided

The warranty will not apply if the invoice or product box is not available, or any damages resulting from (using incompatible accessories – not following the manufacturer’s instructions)

The warranty is considered void if the box of the device is opened without the approval of technical support or the silver insurance sticker is removed from the back of the device.

The warranty is considered void if the product is used improperly, such as overclocking the processor or graphics card, raising the temperature, or downloading dangerous programs.

Periodic maintenance must be carried out every six months for the validity of the warranty, and the lack of cleanliness of the device is considered misuse.

We will check any product and parts before sending them to the Agent to ensure that the problem is due to a manufacturing fault.

Attempting to repair the product at any service center that is not authorized by the Agent will void the product warranty.

During the warranty period, you can repair the item every time the item needs repair.

There is no option to extend the warranty from any third party other than TMD.

The customer pays all shipping costs if the guarantee is issued (receipt and delivery of a value of 70 riyals)

in the event that a problem appears with the device within 72 hours of receiving it, TMD bears the shipping costs to and from the customer.

The maximum maintenance period is 14 days from the date the Agent receives the item and not from the date TMD receives it, Warranty does not cover data or software.

TMD Free Gift Warranty Only covers hardware (such as accessories) for 24 hours only.

It is not possible to exchange or return due to the nature of the product according to the policies of the Ministry of Commerce.