Terms and conditions

Company introduction
The Modern Desert Trading Company.
TMDesert. The Modern Desert TMD.
A multi-domain commercial company, and within this field of electronics and computers represented by the website https://e.tmd.com/
The Modern Desert Company has grown to become a leading solution provider in all areas of computer. We owe our success to our wide variety of products, expert knowledge of markets and reputation. With the head office in Riyadh, the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Shipping and delivery policy
The device will be installed and equipped within 3 to 7 working days (Friday vacation) the money transfers are confirmed within 48 hours.
Some parts and products can be delay from 3 to 14 working days due to movement from the company store center to the company shipment store.
After that, the order is delivered to the shipping company SMSA, which makes the delivery process from 2 to 3 working days in case there is no emergency or accidental issue.
The Modern Desert TMD is not responsible for the devices after they are delivered to the shipping company, whether for delayed shipments or damages
All shipments go out with the shipping company without insurance, which means that the highest amount that the shipping company will pay to the customer is 375 riyals in the event of damage, whatever its value.
If the customer wants to ensuring the shipment, the customer will pay the shipping company through The Modern Desert TMD an additional amount of 2.5% of the shipment value (non-refundable)
The Modern Desert TMD is not responsible for damages that occur to the shipment or the device due to shipment, and the customer must verify the shipment before signing to receive it and not receive it if it was damaged.
If the customer discovers any damage in the shipment after receiving it, the customer can file a compensation claim against the shipping company and not on The Modern Desert TMD, provided that this is within 24 hours according to the policy of the carrier company – and the customer has to file a complaint by calling SMSA at the toll-free number 920009999

The policy of receiving devices (from the customer to The Modern Desert Company TMD)
The Modern Desert TMD is obligated to receive the devices on our expense that reach the customer and show a hardware defect within 3 days
If a hardware defect appears after the third day, we are not obligated to receive the device at our expense.
We provide a shipping service from the customer to The Modern Desert TMD, with a value of 70 riyals, receipt and delivery, which is transferred to our account.
We are not responsible for errors and damages that occur due to shipping, whether in sending or receiving
After receiving the request, the customer should review the parts and ensure that they comply with the required specifications within 48 hours.

Software Policy
The original Windows 10 will be installed if it is included in the offer.
The activation code for Windows is valid to activate the device only once, in case the customer made the formatting, the customer will not be able to activate again
The Modern Desert Company TMD is not responsible for any defect or errors that appear in the software within 24 hours after receiving the device.
All free software and games that are installed on the device are not under warranty or technical support, and we are not responsible for their activation.
Technical support policy
Technical support is provided through the website only, contact us
The technical support team determines through communication if the malfunction is software or hardware
The technical support team on the site will guide the customer to the correct procedure

Document and billing policy
The invoice is sent via email unless the customer requests otherwise (please make sure that the email is entered correctly, so that the invoice will be sent after confirming the request). In the case of a request from a representative, please provide the seller with the email and the correct data to send the invoice.

Shipping, delivery and damages policy
The customer receives his device or parts from the office or the nearest distribution point to the customer’s address
Free shipping with SMSA Express (FedEx) is often arrives within 7-14 working days.
Shipments will be delivered to the shipping company except for Friday
The shipment can be tracked through the company’s website
The Modern Desert Company TMD is not responsible for the breakage caused by the shipping company, and therefore the customer must file a complaint with the carrier company. And the customer filed a complaint to the Saudi Post against the carrier company.
The parts cartons are shipped with the build PC.
The device is fully prepared, tested and commissioned before sending to the customer

Price policy, payment and cancellation of orders
Price offers for specific customers for 48 hours only.
We are not bound by any expired quotation (advertisement), whether the quantity expires or the date of the offer.
If product is requested from the site and it is not available, the full amount will be returned.
In the case If you ask request to return the product, a percentage will be deducted according to the payment method used, not exceeding 3.70% of the value amount paid.
The Modern Desert Company TMD provides multiple methods of electronic payment via the website or bank transfer on one of the approved accounts.
No invoice is approved unless the customer completes the value of the invoice. The down payment system can only be used for special cases.
The customer cannot receive the device before completing the amount of the invoice.
The device is not retrieved after receiving it.
The customer will be deducted 500 riyals in the event of canceling the order after the installation process and 570 after installation and shipping.
In the event that the parts order is canceled after completing the shipment, the shipping fees will be deducted back and forth by the customer
The customer shall be returned within 7-14 working days.

Business and communication policy
Contact customer service team via WhatsApp (the response usually arrives within 8 hours).
Contact the technical support team via live chat on the site (from 1 pm to 11 pm).
The customer service team is contacted via live chat on the website (from 11 am to 7 pm).
Contact the administration via email: [email protected]
You must contact with same number registered in The Modern Desert Company TMD databases to obtain customer service or technical support, or a request for approval of a second number is sent from the same number for communication.

Important Notices:
The device must be wrapped in its original carton and to ensure proper packaging.
We are not responsible for bad packaging or device damage caused by shipment.
If the item is subjected to mis-shipment (broken), we will notify the customer directly to file a claim against the shipping company.
The warranty does not include any broken piece.
These observations may result in a delay in the service of receiving and delivering the device to you.