MOZA RS عجلة قيادة

  • Grip Material : Leather
  • Frame and Front Plate Material : Brushed Aluminum Alloy, Forged carbon fiber
  • Shifter Paddle Material : 3 mm-thick forged carbon fiber
  • Size : 330mm wheel
  • Magnetic Shifter Paddles : 2
  • Dual Clutch Paddles : 2
  • 20-segment Knob (Can be Pressed) : 2
  • Universal Rocker (Can be Pressed) : 2
  • Center button: 1
  • Knock-Down (K/D) Method : D1 spec quick release
  • Paddle Sensor : Contactless photoelectric sensor
  • Magnetic Paddles Mode : Dual-clutch/Single-Clutch/Switch
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2,213.75  ر.س


MOZA Racing Wheel

Two Grip Material Options
Alcantara & Leather

Sometimes aesthetics are just as important as force feedback! For a luxury supercar feel, enjoy imported Alcantara, or for the hardened sim-racing veteran, Nappa’s fine grain leather is sturdy and will never let you down.

Forged Carbon Fiber
Magnetic Shifter

Both the steering wheel panel and the shifters are made of durable, high-quality carbon fiber. Enjoy fast, responsive and satisfying gear shifts with our magnetic shifter design.

Advanced Programmable Buttons and Knobs

In the heat of battle? Manage in-car adjustments, pit strategies or complex menu navigations with ease. 15 programmable buttons, 2 joysticks and 20-segment dials make any task a breeze. Even when using gloves, buttons give a satisfying click to ensure every choice is intentional.

Customized Race Grade Quick Release

The RS utilizes a quick release system derived from real race cars, ensuring wheel changes can take place in mere seconds. It’s also highly durable, ensuring no wiggle or flex, and a secure connection.

Photoelectric Magnetic Shifter Paddles

All four paddles on the RS utilize photo-electromagnetic sensors. This non-contact technology means zero mechanical faults, and a high level of consistency when shifting or using the configurable double-clutch paddles.