Moza Extension Rod عصا تمديد لمثبت الدركسون موزا

  • Compatibility:R21/R16/R9
  • Separate Wheel & Base
  • CNC Machined Aviation Grade Aluminum Alloy
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MOZA Racing Extension Rod (200mm)

Separate Wheel & Base
The wheelbase could be placed away from the wheel through the extension rod, which resembles the real steering column.

CNC Machined Aviation Grade Aluminum Alloy
It’s CNC machined with anodized aviation-grade aluminium alloy featuring superior texture, rigidity, and durability.

Trusted and Handled by Experienced Drivers
MOZA prides itself on developing cutting-edge sim racing products that will go the distance. With extensive consultation from professional racing engineers, drivers, and sim-racers throughout the R&D process, we are confident our products deliver a high-quality sim racing experience.

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