Lian Li UNI Fan IN120 Triple Pack Cooling Fan – Black

  • 120mm SL Infinity 3 Pack with controller
  • Controller Supports up to 16 UNI FAN
  • Unprecedented flexibility / A quicker and easier installation process
  • Daisy-Chain Design : Slide-in / PIN-to-PIN interlocking mechanism
  • L-CONNECT 3 Software (Intuitive Control Interface)
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  • A combination of the original UNI FAN SL and AL with a touch of infinity mirror, the SL-Infinity fans glow clear with multi-layer effects from any visible angle. The circular-shaped infinity mirror at the center of the fan is tuned to have multiple layers spaced 0.5mm apart.
  • Surrounding aluminum trims are located on both sides of the frame. The geometric shape of the infinity mirror follows the front ARGB lighting strip in a top and bottom pattern that creates a 3D indented look.
  • The 2nd generation of UNI FAN SL revisits the interlocking style that can connect up to 4 fans in a cluster and makes cable management simpler and improves compatibility with radiators fittings.
  • The SL-Infinity 120 features a 10% performance optimization compared to the SL120 which results in better airflow (61.3 CFM), higher static pressure (2.66 mmH2O), and a larger range of fan speed (0, 200 ~ 2100RPM) at lower noise levels (29 dB(A)).
  • The cable module is now placed at the center of the fan and can switch orientation to reduce clearance issues with the radiator inlet and outlet.

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Dimensions 25.4 × 5.08 × 6.8 cm