1STPLAYER K8 Gaming/Office Arabic Keyboard and Mouse Kit كيت فيرست بلاير -كيبورد قيمنق+ماوس

· Arabic keyboard

With Simplicity Brings Comfortable Experience.

The rainbow backlight keyboard and symmetrical mouse can meet the harsh demand in esport arena, icafe, office with skill and ease.

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95.45  ر.س


  • Model
K8 KIT (keyboard)
  • Dimensions
  • Keys
104+10 Multimedia functions
  • USB Cable
1500MM PVC Wire
  • Operating Current
  • Life Expectancy
up to 10 million keystrokes
  • System Requirement
  • Feature
  1. Support 19 keys without conflict
  2. Floating cap design, stylish and easy to clean
  3. Black laser button, clear writing, wear-resistance
  4. Monochrome mixed-light backlit design, colorful in night
  5. Multimedia caps for achieving multimedia functions and turning on/off back light quickly.
  • Model
K8 KIT(mouse)
  • Breathing Light

4 colors

  • Polling Rate
  • Rated Voltage
  • Operating Current
  • DPI
  • FPS
  • Acceleration
  • IPS
  • Feature
  1. Symmetrical ergonomic design for different hand shapes
  2. Game-level photoelectric engine chip, accurate positioning
  3. One-click switching DPI, convenient and fast
  4. Four-speed DPI with 4-color LED follow the change indicator
  5. 2400 DPI resolution for fast cursor positioning
  6. Three oversized wear-resistant Teflon pads for smooth movement.