Refund and Returns Policy

Warranty and return policy
It is prohibited to return the computer for any reason, and the broken parts are replaced by the agent
Based on the instructions of the Ministry of Commerce, all parts in the warranty are subject to the (consumption value) policy
The guarantor is the agent, not The Modern Desert Company TMD.
The warranty period for most parts is two years for defects in hardware
If the serial number is removed from the item’s packaging, we will not be able to cover the costs of the repair. Please ensure that the serial number has not been tampered with or removed. If this happens, we will not be able to serve the customer.
We cannot serve the customer if the original cartons of the product are not available
The warranty is for manufacturing error only and does not cover other faults such as breakages or damages resulting from misuse.
The warranty will not apply missing Invoice or product box not available or any damages caused by (use of incompatible accessories – failure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions)
The warranty is considered void in the event that the device box is opened without technical support approval or the silver insurance sticker is removed from the back of the device
The warranty is void if the product is used incorrectly, such as breaking the processor speed, graphics card, raising the temperature, or downloading dangerous programs.
We will inspect any product and parts before sending it to the agent to make sure that the problem is caused by a manufacturing error.
Attempting to maintain the product at any maintenance center that is not approved by the agent cancels the product warranty
During the warranty period, you can service the item every time your item needs maintenance.

If the box is not available in the warranty that does not include the buyer.
There is no option to extend a warranty from any third party other than The Modern Desert Company TMD.
The customer will pay all shipping expenses in case of warranty issue (receipt and delivery, the value of which is 70 riyals)
If a problem appears with the device within 72 hours of receiving it, The Modern Desert Company TMD bears the shipping costs to and from the customer
The maximum period of maintenance is 14 days from the date the agent received the commodity and not from the date The Modern Desert Company TMD received it
The warranty does not include the data or the software. The warranty only includes the hardware
The warranty of free gifts provided by The Modern Desert Company TMD (such as accessories). Are 24 hours only.
It is not possible to exchange and return due to the nature of the product according to the policies of the Ministry of Commerce.