Twisted Minds PS5 Disc Plate – Blue

Easy to Install & Remove The for PS5 faceplates allow everyone to easily replace it with this shockproof for PS5 plates console disc edition skin cover shell. How to install or remove the dustproof for PS5 plates cover? Disassembly: Slide in the direction of the logo and lift original cover up slightly, you will get the removed console cover within 1 second; Installation: Operate the reverse operation of disassembly, Then you will get for PS5 console with ideal color.

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– Anti-Scratch for PS5 Plates Only designed for PS5 console disc edition. Take the real for PS5 console as model, this anti-dust for PS5 plates console can completely replace the original cover on your for PlayStation 5 console. At the same time, the two classic color choices of black and red you can choices, which provide users with a new visual experience and meet the needs of multiple styles.

– Shockproof & Anti-Dust Material The hard for PS5 plates is made of impact-resistant hard ABS material, which is not easy to deform and is very friendly to teenagers. This hard protector for PS5 plates console disk edition can effectively resist the impact in daily use. And the smooth and waterproof ABS plastic surface can prevent dust, water stains and others damage. When there are stains or dust, can directly wipe it, make the console is always as clean as new.


Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 42.6 × 17 × 46.9 cm


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