Glorious Pc Gaming Race Cleaning Kit

Soft Microfiber Cloth: 9″ L x 9″ W: Soft microfiber cloth that won’t create micro-scratches on sensitive surfaces like monitors and shiny metal parts. This cloth will keep your peripherals hygienic and free of built-up dust, smudges, and stains. Compatible with electronic devices and accessories such as mouse, keyboard, mouse pad and monitors

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COMPACT BRUSH: 3" length, small brush, big difference. Efficiently remove crumbs, dust and grime with this superbly compact tool. Its bristles will remove loose dirt that can negatively affect the performance of your keyboard and mouse without shading the bristles.
Power Booster - 4" Length - Blast away dust with this powerful precision air blower. Equipped with a fine nozzle, this produces an airflow strong enough to thoroughly clean dust and debris from the areas between the keys on your keyboard, within the honeycomb pattern of your mouse, and other sensitive areas of your keyboard. Hard access. 5" circumference at widest point - Creates proper volume of air inside, requires fewer pumps creating a fatigue-free cleaning experience

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