Redragon STORM ELITE M988-RGB ماوس العاب

  • PROGRAMMABLE BUTTONS 8 buttons available for redefining and assigning macro key combinations, easy to handle with any situation you need.
  • SENSOR In addition to its lightweight design, the Pixart 3389 sensor provides the best response in your games. Allows for wider movements, smoother strokes, faster reaction speed in the game.
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189.75  ر.س


  • STORM ELITE M988-RGB With a beehive structure and an ergonomic design, ready for an unbeatable victory.
  • BEEHIVE DESIGN The housing uses a beehive cutout design with a frosted surface finish, offering unlimited possibilities and infinite potential to maximize your precision.
  • SHIELDED CABLE, MINIMAL DRAG Not only the material and design of the mouse itself, but also the cable is made from the lightest material to reduce weight, maximize flexibility, and reduce friction as much as possible. Accompany on the base Teflon Pads that grant the best gliding and the greatest durability.

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الوزن 1 كم
الأبعاد 64.01 × 64.01 × 19.3 سنتيميتر


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