Glorious Element ثلجى-ماوس باد

  • ICE GLASS-INFUSED SPEED PAD An Icy fast glide. This special glass infused surface is ultra-smooth, durable, and cool to the touch. Provides effortless speed without sacrificing precision.
  • GLASS-INFUSED SURFACE Hit every shot with nearly 100% uniform X/Y action.

167.90  ر.س


  • Glorious Element ICE Gaming Mousepad – Black / 17x15in / 43x38cm Size / Glass Infused Cloth Surface / 4 mm Premium Foam-Core / Durable Quality / Non-slip Rubber Base / GLO-MP-ELEM-ICE

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الوزن 1 كم
الأبعاد 43 × 38 × 0.3 سنتيميتر


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