DXRacer Prince P132 Series كرسي العاب – ازرق/ ابيض

1,104.00  ر.س


  • FINISHED WITH RACING STYLE Built with the leather preferred by racing seats together with color combination design and detail stitching, our Prince Series can perfectly match your setup’s style and help you dominate in the gaming world.
  • ENGINEERED FOR COMFORT With adjustable neck and lumbar pillows that give you the extra padding you need for any position, you’ll find the true ergonomic comfort and support designed for the important areas of your body
  • ADJUSTABLE BACKREST Whether you’re gaming, working, or taking a nap, our chair provides perfect angle support from 90° up to 135° to suit all your needs.
  • ANTI-SCRATCH PU CASTERS PU coating casters are engineered for quieter operation and greater resistance to foreign objects and debris. They are edgy, quiet, and impeccably smooth, providing the mobility you need for every action

معلومات إضافية

الوزن 24 كم
الأبعاد 90 × 67.5 × 36.5 سنتيميتر


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